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Dan's News & Views Blog: March/April 2019

27 March 2019

The Anderson Center

Anderson Center Tower

Photo Credit: Wendy Amundson

The Anderson Center’s historic water tower is known as a prominent landmark in Red Wing. Built in 1915, the tower is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Recently, the Anderson Center secured a $107,500 grant from the Minnesota Historical and Cultural Heritage Program to repair and prevent future damage to the tower’s balcony. Work on the balcony is expected to begin late spring and be completed by the end of 2019.  A portion of the project cost is covered by a three-year grant from the Red Wing Area Fund.

Named one of the top artistic destination points in the upper Mississippi River region by National Geographic Traveler Magazine, the Anderson Center has served the artistic community and the citizens of Minnesota through artistic leadership, program development, and support since 1995. A national registered landmark, the Anderson Center's mission is to uphold the unique wealth of the arts in the region; to develop, foster, and promote the creation of works by artists of all kinds; and to provide leadership and services that help to insure a strong, healthy arts community and a greater recognition of the value of the arts in society.

New Daycare Center

City Council recently approved a Conditional Use Permit for Keller-Baartman III, LLC to operate a daycare center out of the old Hancock School Building, located at 469 12th Street. The daycare center, Building Blocks Childcare & Learning Center, will be owned and operated by Sherry Baartman.

A recent zip code analysis conducted by First Children Finance in June 2018, estimated a shortage of over 184 daycare spots in Red Wing alone, and over 838 spots in Goodhue County. The new daycare center can accommodate 175 children and up to 27 staff members. The renovated building will provide for child care rooms, crib rooms, bathrooms, storage space, mechanical rooms, kitchen, sensory smart room, gym, staff break room/lounge, elevator, lobby and receptions space. Building renovations will begin the end of March with a planned opening date of June 2019.

River Town Renaissance Project

One of the final segments of the River Town Renaissance project, a multi-year project the City started planning 25 years ago, is currently under way. The project includes park and promenade improvements at the Levee Park dock and a Vogel Harbor river wall replacement.

The majority of work being done now involves setting sheet pile walls and anchorage systems, with additional storm water tunnel work.    

The project is expected to be completed by September 2019, leaving the entire riverfront frontage at Levee Park more attractive, accessible and available for boats to dock.  That includes docking capacity for two large riverboats at the same time, and a “notch” area to dock smaller recreational boats.  The improvements will also help with traffic and pedestrian circulation, as well as new lighting, water service and overall safety improvements.  A focal area for future art is also being provided. 

He Mni Can - Barn Bluff Regional Park

Phase I improvements will begin this summer at He Mni Can – Barn Bluff Regional Park.  The primary components of Phase I work include:

  • New Parking Area:  A new parking lot with at least 20 vehicle spaces with crosswalks on East 5th Street will be installed.
  • New Entry Plaza:  A plaza will incorporate interpretive spaces and storytelling, and it will become a central amenity area for gathering, picnicking, water, waste receptacles and bike parking.
  • New Entry Trails:  A climbing causeway trail will take a more gradual and natural approach for entering the park; newly built resilient ADA accessible trails will continue to lead to places throughout the Bluff, which is of cultural significance to the Dakota Indian Community; access to the historic G.A. Carlson Kiln is also planned.
  • Woodland Trail Junction:  The new access and entry will create a new woodland trail junction, which will unite the Midland and Quarry trails.

Dan Rogness

Community Development Director

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