Xena Therapies Founder and CEO, Tammy Lee, Launches Cool Therapy Company in Red Wing

Wednesday, July 01, 2020

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Xena Therapies founder and CEO, Tammy Lee, has risen above COVID-19 hardships and opened a manufacturing company and plant in Red Wing. She worked with Red Wing Port Authority and others in the community to develop her latest enterprise despite challenges brought on by the pandemic. 

Xena Therapies Opens Despite Roadblocks

After securing a loan in January, the business guru opened the Xena Therapies manufacturing company and plant in Red Wing. The plant began operations in February but quickly hit a COVID-19 roadblock in March. Xena Therapies was forced to close operations and pause plans to sell products directly to health and medical facilities. Instead of tossing in the towel on operations, Lee determined a better route for the current circumstances would be to switch to consumer direct sales. 

The team developed an e-commerce strategy, doubled down on advertising and marketing and began building connections with consumers in spite of the challenges they were facing. While it wasn’t the original plan, Lee believes it was a beneficial change. 

“The switch to consumer direct has opened up other opportunities for us that we wouldn’t have originally pursued. Now we are able to expand our reach even further,” says Lee.   

Opal Cool and Onyx Cool are two cutting edge cool therapy product lines being manufactured in Red Wing by Xena Therapies. 

About the Products 

Opal Cool cool therapy products are designed specifically for women. These products can be used to reduce hot flashes, eliminate night sweats and tame other symptoms of menopause. They also provide soothing relief to nursing mothers and women with MS.

Onyx Cool cool therapy products provide safe relief for active recovery. These healing products are used by athletes, fitness professionals and anyone with an injury that needs effective pain relief. 

These FDA-registered, Class One therapy products are classified as medical devices and are specially formulated with phase-change materials to pull heat away from the body and allow for healthy healing and blood flow. Ice and extreme cold therapies cause blood vessels to shrink, cutting off flow to heal injured tissues. Ice puts you at risk for ice burn or frostbite, while Opal and OnyxCool therapies provide drug-free, safe and lasting relief at doctor-recommended 58 degrees.

Fine Craftsmanship in Red Wing

Xena Therapies’ cool products are high-quality, wearable devices. Great care must be taken during the manufacturing process to ensure a comfortable and effective fit.  

“Red Wing is a “craftsman” town – with generations of skilled, hardworking people who know how to make high quality, wearable products like Red Wing Shoes and Riedell Skates. Most of our manufacturing talent comes from those places,” says Lee of her decision to locate in Red Wing.  

In addition to the manufacturing talent in the area, Red Wing offers a supportive environment for new business ventures. Lee is appreciative of the receptive welcome and gives back to other Red Wing businesses by providing more jobs to residents and keeping the company’s insurance and health benefits local.  

Xena Therapies Continues to Grow

In April of this year, Lee secured financing with Red Wing Port Authority through the revolving loan program for Xena Red, another medical company that she plans to launch in Red Wing. 

“Xena Red has an exclusive license to manufacture and market infrared and heat pods into the medical field and non-exclusive for health and wellness. This will be the second company we launch here,’ says Lee of her upcoming plans. 

In the meantime, Xena Therapies is open for business and ready to provide consumers with cooling relief. This wouldn't be possible without the driven manufacturing talent in the community. 

“We want this community to know and love what we do – so for Red Wing residents, we’re offering 20% off our products with promo code RWCool,” says Lee. 

With the opening of Xena Therapies and the future launch of Xena Red, Lee hopes to be instrumental in making Red Wing a hub for med tech innovation. 

“Through our success, we hope to draw other companies into this ecosystem. We are ideally located between the Twin Cities and Rochester – midway on the med tech corridor. There’s a deep manufacturing talent pool here and strong support from the community,” she explains.

The Red Wing Port Authority strives to provide companies like Xena Therapies with the assistance they need to make big things happen in the community. To learn more about the effective cooling therapy options from Xena Therapies, click here and here.

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