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Given its historic setting, it is entirely appropriate that the water tower at Tower View, built in 1915, is on the National Register of Historic Places. Writers in the residency program at Anderson Center get to practice their craft in the rotunda room at the top.

The residency program also offers other perks to participants in its two- to four-week retreats. It gives writers, artists and scholars a sheltered spot to create and to complete works in progress in an atmosphere of quiet and creativity.

More than 700 writers, artists and scholars have used their time The residency program has helped more than 700 people from around the U.S. and over 40 foreign countries. It works with programs in Salzburg, Austria and Quzhou, China, the sister city of Red Wing.

More information and an application here.


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The 3-story building known as the Wagon Works was built in the 1860's; over the years the Wagon Works building was home to a number of uses and most recently had fallen into a state of disrepair. The City wondered if the building was beyond repair. The community worked with Knudsen's Caramels & Cheesecake to acquire and finance a top to bottom renovation of the Wagon Works building, which now serves as an example of just how one might take a building from a total state of disrepair to a community treasure. Today, the caramel business is stronger than ever and Knudsen Caramels are distributed nationwide.