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Friday, March 02, 2018

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Industrial Service Leaders in Red Wing

Mactech, Inc., a company in Red Wing, is the world’s foremost provider of on-site machining products and services.  The company’s website says, “If it’s in the field, and it needs to be machined … we can do it”.  Mactech services large companies, including power plants, ship builders, off-shore oil refineries, chemical plants, paper mills and mining enterprises.  The company originally started in 1974 to provide portable stress relieving solutions (Stresstech), and it expanded in 1985 to other specialties.  Mactech’s corporate office is in Red Wing with other offices located in Ohio, Kentucky, Louisiana and Australia.

Shari Chorney, the Port Authority’s Business Development Manager, recalls that in 2008, the Red Wing Port Authority familiarized Mactech with the state’s JOBZ Program.  Mactech benefitted from the Job Opportunity Building Zone program by adding ten new full-time employees.  In fact, Mactech expanded their operations into 50,000 square feet in the former Dayco building on Pepin Avenue, and they have invested significantly in their workforce and equipment since then.  They continue to grow in Red Wing.

This company specializes in various products and services, such as:  portable pipe-cutting machinery, hydraulic power units, industrial drills, line boring machines, and stress relieving equipment.  One piece of Mactech’s products shown below is an articulating diamond wire saw for the off-shore oil subsea cutting world.  This machine will cut 26-60 inch diameter pipes.

mactechAnother company located in Red Wing is Neufeldt Industrial Services and Neufab Specialty Fabrication.  This company started 35 years ago as a small portable welding shop.  It has grown into a welding, metal forming, crane service, milling and wide-ranging fabrication business.  For example, one unique product they fabricated used widely by building contractors is the Gripper Truss Hook that allows trusses to be lifted efficiently and safely.


These two local industrial service companies in Red Wing have immense talent that go well beyond our borders.  They are essentially problem solvers in the industrial world through their fabrication and machining skills.  Red Wing is lucky to have them here!

A Retail Stronghold in Downtown Red Wing

josephsonImagine a retail store staying in business in one small Minnesota community for 140 years!  Well, we have such a retailer here in Red Wing … Josephson’s.  Tom Withers currently owns the business, which he purchased from Tom Josephson in 1992, the grandson of the founder, Alfred (opened on January 26, 1878).

Tom’s purchase ended 114 years of family ownership, but he was determined to keep history alive in this unique men’s clothing store.  In a January 2008 edition of the Star Tribune, Tom said, “I’m going for another 20 years.  At least.”  Congratulations Tom Withers and Josephson’s for being a mainstay in downtown Red Wing for so many years.  Based on Tom’s 2008 quote, we’ll see a 150 year celebration in 2028!

Median Home Sale Prices in 2017

A sample of median home sale prices in 2017 is shown below; this data is provided by the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors, Local Market Update, December 2017.  Red Wing’s 2017 median sale price increased 4.5% from $162,000 in 2016.

  • Red Wing = $169,250 (267 sales)
  • Faribault = $175,000 (419 sales) 
  • Hastings = $205,000 (428 sales)    
  • Goodhue County = $189,900 (509 sales) 
  • Dakota County = $252,200 (7,582 sales)  
  • Hutchinson = $161,000 (308 sales)
  • Cannon Falls = $234,900 (108 sales
  • Northfield = $242,500 (314 sales)
  • Farmington = $251,450 (600 sales)
  • Rice County = $216,660 (916 sales)
  • Twin Cities = $247,900 (60,125 sales)


Rambler-style homes with 1-car garages were the typical affordable housing unit in the 1960’s for many Americans.  A 1966 rambler home in Red Wing was recently on the market priced at $165,000 (near the 2017 median sale price).  This house includes 1,780 square feet with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a 1-car garage.  This residence on Spruce Drive was priced at nearly $95 per square foot compared to newer homes priced at $150 per square foot.

Dan Rogness
Red Wing Community Development Director

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