Red Wing Port Authority’s Productive 2022 Sets Stage for Continued Progress in 2023

Red Wing Port Authority’s Productive 2022 Sets Stage for Continued Progress in 2023 Main Photo

7 Apr 2023

In collaboration with its economic development partners, the Red Wing Port Authority had a particularly productive 2022, which you can read about in its annual report published in late January this year and posted to the Port Authority’s website. The significance of the milestones noted in the report will become increasingly evident this year as a number of redevelopment projects proceed.

A Food Hall Coming for Old West Main?

The Port Authority has selected a developer for the former Bauer Built Tire site at 1511 Old West Main Street. After a review of multiple letters of interest and final proposals from two development groups, the Port Authority elected to proceed with Rebound Partners on an eventual sale and redevelopment of the building.

Rebound is a Northfield, Minnesota-based company that has interests in real estate development, as well as hotel management and restaurant ownership and operations. The company’s food and beverage unit operates Reunion Restaurant and Bar in Northfield and Redemption Kitchen and Cocktails in Faribault. Both are located in historic buildings that have been renovated to accommodate the updates needed for modern food and beverage service while preserving the character of the buildings.

Developer’s plans are always subject to change depending on market conditions, ability to attract tenants and other variables. At least initially, however, Rebound plans to redevelop the Bauer Built site as a food hall. Plans are still being formulated and will be subject to review by the Port Authority, but the concept for the site envisions multiple food vendors sharing common spaces while preserving an open plaza on the front of the site. Redevelopment of the Bauer Built Tire site will be another win for the continuing transformation of the Old West Main neighborhood.

New Apartments to Ease Tight Local Market for Multifamily Housing

Several new projects promise to help ease the tight market for multifamily housing in Red Wing.

At the former Mike’s Barbershop property, across from City Hall, a developer has proposed building a 36-unit building that will also include some commercial space. The Port Authority created a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Plan and TIF agreement for this redevelopment project and also secured a $205,000 grant from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) for the project. The TIF plan and agreement and DEED grant are critical to make this project economically viable for the developer.

On that same downtown block, Bush Street Investments, winner of the 2022 Red Wing Redevelopment Challenge, is proceeding with conversion of the second story of the former Hallstrom’s building into five apartments, including two affordable housing units. The Port Authority participated in the 2022 Red Wing Redevelopment Challenge, an effort to encourage  redevelopment of unused and underused downtown space, and recommended an award of $50,000 from the Downtown Investment Fund for this project.

In addition to these two multifamily projects, developers are also at work on two others. Interior demolition has already begun at the former Goodhue County National Bank building, which is being converted into a 28-unit apartment building with an additional 1,500 square feet of commercial space on the main level. Elsewhere in the city, Three Rivers Community Action is developing an affordable housing complex on city-owned land.

Collectively, these projects and other single-and multi-family housing projects planned or in progress will help meet the growing housing demand in Red Wing.

Still to Come in 2023

Red Wing is a working port and needs to continue to maintain and improve essential port infrastructure. To help do so, the Port Authority aided in developing a bonding request that will be before the Minnesota legislature in the current session. The request, covering projects totaling about $6.5 million, includes funds for improvements to the Little River Bulkhead, repair or replacement of the Red Wing Grain mooring structures, adding a mooring cluster near the Levee Park wall for riverboats, and completing river remodeling work for other potential waterway improvements.

Finally, stay tuned for news regarding a new initiative, the Advancing Entrepreneurs Loan Program. Under this program, the Port Authority intends to award grants of up to $20,000 to help bootstrap small businesses owned by veterans, women and people of color in our community with funds available under American Rescue Plan provisions. Details regarding how to apply will be forthcoming later this spring.

Reach us at the Port Authority if you have questions or recommendations regarding these projects or are wondering where to begin exploring a development idea that you have for Red Wing. 


By Kyle Klatt, Community Relations Director of the Red Wing Port Authority

Column first published by the Red Wing Republican Eagle on April 1, 2023 and reprinted here with permission.